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"We make the impossible happen

and the difficult look easy!"


Zerr Electric     Hondo, Texas

P.O. Box 715

Hondo, TX 78861


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Our tradesman perform work that meets all local codes and exceeds most.

  • We only use the highest quality material.

  • Cooper wiring devices.

  • Halo Lighting fixtures.

Coverage Map

Zerr Electric Service Area is just an idea of the coverage area you can expect from an electrical contractor of our experience. It is not a line in the sand. We may travel hundreds of miles to install an off grid solar or wind energy system. We may also have to either delay or decline some jobs or contracts inside this circle. Our schedule changes, so please contact us and ask what the options are.

Some things never change. We never do work in Mexico. We always get the proper permits. Safety is always an issue. We just can't do projects that are too dangerous or illegal. Our reputation and the safety of our electricians and clients have to be first.





    Why Choose Us?

  • Locally Owned & Operated

  • Prompt Project Completion

  • High Quality Work

  • Ranch Electrical Services

  • Pool Electrical Services

  • Fully Insured/Bonded

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